Chateau Getaway 2015: Day 4

IMG_7025 Our day began with Eggs Benedict in addition to our normal yogurt and berries and giant crescent. Good thing too because Charlotte led us in a cooking class on this morning. We were all thrilled to pieces to get a few tips and loads of inspiration from Charlotte. Her food had been so divine and here she was showing us how to make a few things in the dining room of the Chateau.

Since arriving home, it has been great fun seeing many of us attempt the recipes and sharing them with one another in our facebook group. I love how inspired we were and how we continue to remember the joy we share and take little bits back with us to our homes and families.

I’ve made a few of these things and have the lemons processing now so that I can make the incredible cauliflower salad when my parents arrive.

It was extra special to hear how Charlotte is part of the vibrant farming community and how people work together to prepare the summer foods to be enjoyed later in the year.

That afternoon is was back in the workshop. Here we were braiding bits of silk that Amy Butler brought for her awesome textile jewelry workshop. So inspiring!

Aparently we had so much fun crafting I didn’t take many photos of us in the studio! I know some exist though! Stay tuned!

Oh, I almost forgot our beautiful dinner!

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