Chateau Getaway 2015: Day 3

St Antonin & Workshop Day

On this day we got up and went to the beautiful village where 100 Foot Journey was to take place. Our wonderful chef Charlotte took us around to meet many of her favorite vendors as she collected produce for our wine tasting and dinner.

We started on the outskirts of the village where the live animals were being sold.

Then we walked inward towards the cathedral where the food vendors had their stalls set up in the shadow of the spire.

Charlotte had arranged some tastings along the way. Isn’t she lovely?

We tasted our way through the streets and had a coffee break. Then back to it. Tasting more cheeses and foie gras. This is also where many purchased things from a local family vendor for our upcoming projects.

The tastes and smells on this day were sensational. Somehow, we all managed to be hungry again for a lovely lunch.

Every bit as good as it was gorgeous too!

Time to finally work in the studio! Amy Butler leads two projects at once. One group begins making silk textile necklaces while the 2nd group (my group) begins an intuitive patchwork project. Robyn and I paired up and began working. I stuck her (blindly) with a pretty nasty fabric combination but she worked it into something sensational. All of the intuitive patchwork pieces developed into something interesting and beautiful. I was thrilled beyond measure to find bits of Amy’s fabric in there. She was so generous to share some of her newest collection with us. I LOVE these prints and they mix so well with loads fabrics. We may look like a serious group here but don’t forget we’ve shopped and ate and now we are really focused!

Another beautiful day full of fun and new friends. By this point, we are all really in the groove. Happy, relaxed, enjoying ourselves and one another’s company. It was pretty special.

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