Chateau Getaway 2015: Day 2

IMG_6883We woke to a raining Sunday morning but headed off to the markets anyway. We had so much to see and were ready to head out no matter the weather. We boarded the bus and headed to other towns to see the markets and what locals were selling.

The ran was falling pretty hard but we were all so excited to take in the sights! One of my favorite shops was a beautiful art gallery. The paintings were gorgeous and done by the husband of a gal working in the Chateau where we were staying. There was another gal in there at a big loom weaving gorgeous scarves. I REALLY wanted the one she was working on!


Later in the morning a couple of Brocantes opened and many of the women found goodies to purchase. I wasn’t really finding anything that spoke to me but enjoyed the views- even in the rain.

After a morning of exploring we boarded the bus for the Getaway’s first ever sack lunches. They were just what we needed between shopping trips! We had one more market to check out before returning to the Chateau.

It was at this second market that I finally found a few baubles for our jewelry making. The first find- I LOVED. But they were ancient Roman pieces and not in my budget for the craft so I left them be. Earlier in the day I had seen some interesting fish hooks with brass weights and spinners. I think I had something else in mind though and passed. Towards the end of our time there I went back to the hooks and both Amy Butler and I wound up buying some.

Back at the Chateau we had a bit of down time and decided to start our needlepoint projects. Thanks ladies for helping many of us get started!

I think they had to kind of gripe at us to MOVE so that they could begin preparing the dinner table… we were all so involved in our newly started needlepoint!

Aperitifs out in front. We admire Robyn’s handiwork with an Amy Butler fabric then head to dinner.

When they said the food would be provided- I had no idea it would be so fresh and lovely. This was the best week of food of my life to date. Devine. The company and views made it that much better.

Day two was in the books. At this point we all had felt like we had done so much already and had the entire week ahead of us.

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