Chateau Getaway 2015: Day 1

June 13th, about a dozen other women and I met at the Toulouse airport and boarded a big bus together heading out into the French countryside. About an hour or so later we stepped off that bus and got a glimpse of our home for the next week. Chateau Dumas, located on the edge of Auty, France.

This week was a getaway put on by French General out of L.A. These getaways are something she has put on for the last 7 years. The week I attended was the week Amy Butler joined and put on textiles workshops. Other workshops included beading and jewelry making.

We arrived late in the afternoon and began getting settled and finding our rooms. We were greeted by lovely welcome gifts assembled by French General. I thought I might be rooming with someone but managed to score a room to myself.


My room was on the third floor on the front of the house. You can see my view in the photos below. French General treated us to a cute French flag pin cushion, a needlework set complete with all the supplies we would need, Amy Butler patterns, chocolate and more.

We excitedly settled into our rooms and took peeks of one another’s rooms. I think we all sort of felt we were right where we were supposed to be.

Sometime between 6 and 7 the gong rang and we came down to aperitifs. This would be the beginning of our dinner rituals for the week. Not too shabby.


My memory is already fading- we may have eaten inside that night for dinner due to rain. I think that usually the first and last night dinner is in front of the Chateau and many meals are on the patio to the side of the house when weather permits.

I think I was enjoying this meal so much I did not take photos. I did capture the gorgeous dessert and a few evening photos after dinner. I was really keen to explore the grounds.

So much beauty and joy in just a few hours!

Off to bed we went- we had a busy week ahead of us!

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