Toulouse: Day 2

Good morning! Feeling refreshed I wake and am greeted by breakfast delivery. Wonderful yogurt, fresh fruit, and perfect little crescents. The view, it turns out, isn’t bad either!

The streets are still quiet and the sky a bit grey but I head out intending to explore as much of town by foot as I can manage.


Grey skies make the river look moody.

I did a bit of shopping near the Capitole and decided to ride a little tourist train to see the city. There was drizzle on and off and my usually trusty FitFlops were causing me trouble. The little train provided a quick tour through part of town and showcased many beautiful structures around town. This activity served two purposes. I knew where I’d be meeting some other women later that night for a pre planned dinner AND I saw a few of the sights on my list.

After the tour I headed out for a bit more walking and shopping. I spotted a beautiful bakery. As I wandered the streets I came across a crepe vendor too. It had been raining some but I managed to find a dry spot on a granite bench at the Capitole and enjoyed a lovely lunch.

Stuffed on crepe and quiche I was now well fueled to roam the streets some more!

Towards the end of the day my feet were tired and I rented a bike to ride back to my hotel! It was great. I had a rest before getting cleaned up to meet up with some other women. Perfect strangers that would also be joining me on the week long trip of a lifetime.


Me, ready for dinner!

I wish we’d have taken more photos at dinner… We had a nice time and good laughs as we slid desserts around the table with one another.


Not the most appetising photo but I had to share… We had a lite salad then beef and fries. Oh my did they pile on the fries and were they ever good!

The next morning, another beautiful breakfast tray, and meeting up with the gals from last night for a tour around town. We decided to take a tour bus that takes about 90 minutes before we needed to head to the airport to catch our shuttle to the next portion of the trip. The tour bus was nice. We saw much more of the city this way and I was sure glad I hadn’t walked all the way to the botanical garden that I had intended to. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture a lot of photos from the bus but the tour was nice none the less.

I really enjoyed this city and could see going back some day. Cheers Toulouse!

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