In June I took a trip of a lifetime. The first part of this trip starts with me in Toulouse, France.  IMG_6796 Day One

I arrived in Toulouse in the morning and boarded a bus with my bags and a throbbing headache. Pounding headaches tend to eliminate simple map reading and deductive reasoning… Naturally, I hopped off the bus a stop too soon and wondered the streets a bit until I found a little hotel that could maybe help direct me to where I’d be staying.

Loving the sights along the way, I eventually was able to find my way using the little map the hotel provided.


This fountain was at the end of my building and would become an important landmark in the coming days.


Found it! See the red banner? Hotel Des Arts. A sweet little boutique hotel. I loved the lively square behind it and how close it was to sights, shopping and more without being on the main roads.

I was able to check my bags but my room would not be ready for a few hours so I set out to explore. Headache and all.

My first stop, just around the corner from my hotel, Musee’ des Augustins. The lovely courtyard had a garden with fruit trees, vines, and vegetables being tended by a gal. There were children’s art projects on display within the greenery as well. The area around the courtyard had some beachy chairs where you could sit and enjoy a gentle breeze. I sat for a moment to enjoy said breeze and had a bit of a snooze. I was so tired I didn’t care who saw me. I spent time exploring the exhibits including sculptures and paintings.

Feeling the effects of my impending migraine, I left the museum hopeful I could find a spot to rest but not feeling hungry or thirsty enough to sit in a cafe I returned to the square behind my hotel. There were many people hanging out at cafes and below the trees in the shade. I sat on a raised area for a bit and it wasn’t long until I tossed my pack onto the grass and used it as a pillow under the trees enjoying the warm breeze.  I dozed on and off. Finally, at 2, I went into the hotel, up the narrow winding stairs and pleaded to be let into a room early. They kindly scrambled and got me into my room an hour later. I plopped into my bed and slept. I slept for 5 hours.

Hotel staff directed me to a place on the square for a solo dinner. Mother nature was kind to me after my headachy day. The rain finally came and managed to only fall while I was eating dinner. I enjoyed really great music coming from a near by pub making my solo dinner much more enjoyable. I plan to get back to bed and prep for a full day of exploring tomorrow.

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