Chateau Getaway 2015: Sneak Peek

The week spent at the Chateau was jam packed with activities, excursions, delicious food, and friendship. Getting it all into a few posts was semi challenging and I’m sure I left out LOADS of information (like the day we made more awesome jewelry with Kaari from French General!)

I wanted to post a few more pictures from that incredible week. Sort of a sneak peek – though most of these photos aren’t in the upcoming posts. I hope you enjoy-  I sure enjoyed the experience and can not recommend it enough.

Here are a few random peeks into the week.

A few of my purchases of textiles and wood. I bought most of them in the market where Charlotte of Table De Touron took us through for tastings and the spice man that was in 100 Foot Journey.


Wine tasting. The rain stopped and the sun came out for our wine tasting night. It was a beautiful night and great fun having the wines paired perfectly for us.

The stone steps to the 2nd floor of the chateau had cobbler’s shoe forms on them. Each evening the staff placed baskets of water bottles and glasses at the bottom of the stairs for us to take up for the night.


Table De Touron has a cabin they rent out to guests. If you are interested in a little getaway in the countryside North of Toulouse in St Antonin it’s worth a look. They have lovingly set up home in a historic peasant house and turned it into a lovely home. Below are a few pictures of the grounds and of the cabin. I wonder if this is where Helen Mirren stayed during 100 Foot Journey?!

This is the tile in the Chateau Dumas dining room.


Thank you for visiting this random post of sneak peeks. More Chateau Getaway 2015 will be coming.

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