Featured Artist: Alena Hennessey

A sweet friend turned me onto Alena Hennessey after she completed one of Alena’s online courses. When I opened her page I think I gasped aloud. For several years now I’ve wanted to make paintings with additional media mixed in. Her art speaks to my heart-I think mostly to the idea that I can use her techniques to make my own..and the fact that she teaches you is completely amazing.

I REALLY want to take one of her courses this fall. * Edit* We are moving to Denmark so I’ve not been able to register for her class. I DID however pre-order her newest book and have since received it! woot! My family will be in transition over the next few months but I hope to start learning some of her techniques soon!*

Have you taken an online art course? How was it? Share your art with us!

Images from Alena Hennessey’s web page


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