mood boards

Have you played with mood board building sites? There are two premier sites where you can do this. Polyvore and Olioboard. Both have been around a few years and both offer the ability to create collages or mood boards online.
What makes these mood board building sites different from Pinterest is that you are building them yourself, not collecting things others have assembled, found, or blogged.
Below you will see a collage I quickly put together as I sampled Polyvore. I’m curious to find the sites breadth and limitations. Upon quick trial I’ve not seen where/how to add your own content. I did find that they have contests where they will post a theme for members to create collage boards to submit.
Modern/Natural Dining
If you want to build something rather quickly, perhaps play on Polyvore. If you’d like to use items from popular stores, load your own photos and play with depth and scale, then Olioboard is for you.
Some highlights from both sites are listed below. Please share some of your insights or links to your creations in the comments below.
What Olioboard offers:
  • the ability to pin, post, and tweet
  • shop “the world’s most loved retailers”
  • shop trends
  • create boards/design rooms in 2D or 3D
  • compete in challenges
  • see members of the moment
  • upload photos
  • add text
  • add backgrounds
  • budget (!!!)
  • easily scale, rotate, and layer
  • request design help/designer friendly

What Polyvore has going for it:

  • neat/tidy page
  • explore, shop (cosmetics, fashion, home fashions), following, create tabs
  • explore Top Sets
  • ability to create a template
  • can build a board quickly here

I hope this was a little fun or has inspired you to go try these sites out for yourself.

Design away friends!


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