city farmhouse

While I generally don’t like reposting others material, this one I could not help. I follow Apartment Therapy via social media, the photos that came across my screens this morning had me saying “squee!” in my head… Maybe, just maybe, some leaked out audibly. Perhaps.

Check out Apartment Therapy. You can find them here, here, or here, “Saving the world one room at a time! Apartment Therapy helps our readers make their homes more organized, beautiful and healthy.”

One of today’s posts (there are many posts per day!) included the Chicago home of Nick & Spiro. They brought vintage country into their city apartment and pulled it off splendidly! A cozy warm farmhouse feel without feeling too cluttered.

I hope you check out the City Farmhouse in the links above or via my pinterest board. Please share your thoughts. Have you made an urban oasis for yourself? Perhaps brought the city to a small town? Share your designs with magpieweekend in the comments or via email.







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  1. What a coincidence! Even I follow Apartment Therapy! Thanks for sharing these links as I miss some of their posts usually… They are absolutely fantastic!

    We are away from our state (Karnataka, India) living in a rented flat in Pune. So, currently all my ideas of interior designing and decoration are in files 🙂 Let’s see when the time would be right for them to fly!

    Hey, your blog is awesome! Thanks for paying your visit to Tantu because of what I came to know about your blog 🙂 Thanks again!

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