sedona, az

Sedona, with is towering red rocks, blue skies and sage green plants, is a beautiful place like no other. I feel so at peace in Sedona. Relaxed. Easy going.

There is no shortage of beautiful galleries and stores to visit. Tlaquepaque and the main drag on 89A have dozens to choose from. Tourist and t-shirt shops, inexpensive jewelry, high end jewelry, native american jewelry, crystals and rocks, spiritual healing spas, boot stores, cowboy costuming, paintings, photographs… you name it. I tried to peek into as many as possible on family outings with my hubby, kids and their grandparents. I managed to take a few non-family photos along the way.

Tlaquepaque is a unique Spanish villa in Sedona that houses some of the most spectacular galleries and fun stores. Our family popped into a gallery I had visited a dozen years before. I was happy to see a metal artist still featured there. This isn’t art for your walls or niches but art for the outdoor elements. The sculptures’ beauty is amplified by gentle breezes that cause the designs to twirl and spin, breathing the art to life.

This was one of my favorite pieces. The way the sculpture seemed to bloom over and over in the breeze was so relaxing.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The bottom photos are of a design called the lotus. Again, the organic design moved in such a way that it appeared to blossom before us again and again. I suppose I gravitated to more of the floral pieces. There are a variety of designs and sizes ranging between about $400 and $14,000.

Tlaquepaque is such an interesting & inspired place. The details and elements used transport you to a different world, a different time even.

Sedona is such a special place. I highly recommend a visit. Take time to go on a hike, even if a short one, and take in the beauty that nature and artists alike have on display.

I seem to be focusing on inspirational elements lately. Sedona has inspired so many- I would like to know what inspires you. Are you an artist that would like to be featured? Contact me here.


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