jerome, az: inspires creatives

I recently spent a week in Arizona with my family. Having lived there for several years it was fun to go back and explore some of my favorite places, this time with my husband and two young boys.

One of our excursions took us to Jerome. If you have never heard of Jerome, AZ, here are a few highlights. This little town sprung up on a steep hillside and became an incorporated city in 1899 making it the 4th largest city in the Arizona Territory. This funky former mining town tends to attract artists, writers, shopkeepers, and as the town’s web page says… hermits.

We visited the Gold King Mine and Ghost Town. Its a quirky little spot with old mine shafts and ramshackle buildings from the earlier parts of the twentieth century.

All four of us were in love with this place. It was a rusty, dusty, hoard we were excited to explore.

Leave it to me to find glass. Look ! More insulators! Random Jugs too. Moonshine still anyone?

Its no wonder artists and writers flock to places like Jerome. There is so much history and inspiration at your fingertips. My son is a total Minecraft fan and is super into crystals, gems, and rocks (yay, me too!). This vacation was right up his alley.

I did make it into a couple of shops while the kids enjoyed ice cream down the road. Using reclaimed wood and natural elements in design and home furnishings makes my heart happy. Several folks in town do just that.

I came across this lamp in a spacious store there on the hill.

reclaimed wood lampI loved the bits of wood worked together until they made a rectangular lamp base.






This same shop was featuring an artist that works in clay. These pots were beautiful!

terry stone earthenware

In my former life working in a glorious 100,000 square foot furniture showroom I was exposed to Western Heritage Furniture. This furniture maker is based in Jerome. I would have LOVED to plan a tour with these guys. Next trip! If you are into reclaimed wood furnishings, check them out. BEAUTIFULLY done.

I hope you enjoyed exploring Jerome with me. Its an odd little town with an interesting past attracting artistic folks for decades.

Thanks for visiting!


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