creative inspiration



What triggers your creativity?

Nature, photographs, magazines?

I know we’re sort of new in our relationship here, but I would love for you to share a bit about what inspires you.  Please, share your ideas.

painted frames

Old frames or inspiration? This stack of painted frames has been on display multiple times. Seeing it makes me happy. I mean, how fun is this? I just love the colors and how the collection makes sense together despite their differences. Once they were all likely shades of brown, black and white or gold and silver. Now, they are propped up here…empty but not alone. Brighter than ever.

What would you do with these? Would you use one? Several?

Here is what goes through my head…Select your faves for your home.. retail display-Anthro perhaps?..Frame quirky fabrics, mirrors? oooh they would be cool in a paper or fabric store. Wedding…photo booth, group picture… Endless possibilities here. A metaphor perhaps.

What inspires me? Gah! So many things. Color, collections, nature, others’ designs, vintage pieces, rustic elements… an item’s potential.

Please share your ideas or send in a photo that has inspired you. Can’t wait to see!


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