reclaimed skate board art

We have had some glorious weather in the Bay Area these last two weekends. I wanted to meet a friend one sunny day and decided to return to Jack of All Trades at Jack London Square in Oakland. She had never been and I was still a novice to the event so why not meet on a lovely day.

Several trucks and busses were scattered about the event housing little traveling stores and even a photo booth. It was quite fun seeing how each vendor set up their mobile shops(tiny little dressing room even!). Each had a unique way of merchandising inside and out. Some were quite creative in this endeavor. We both really enjoyed the truck selling kitchen gadgets and textiles. Her merchandising and products were top notch. I loved that idea near to the food trucks.

I’m kicking myself for not buying pretty little (no, seriously tiny) potted plants for my kiddo’s terrarium. oops. Next time! I had not noticed the plant vendor before, but I did see a couple of the same vendors from last trip. This time I took some photos.

Plan B from San Jose was attending again this month. They have several wall art pieces and photo frames, but the ones I really get a kick out of are the Re-purposed skateboard pieces.

skate board coat hooksIn the photo above you see skateboards repurposed into coat hooks. The vertical boards have actual coat hooks while the horizontal board has had a couple of the wheels reattached in a way that you could hang a cap & jacket. I love this and it reminds me of Ben Venom a bit. I just imagine something like this in his home. No?

I love the idea of using thrashed or abandoned skateboards to embellish one’s home should it suit your lifestyle or personality. Any of us who have ever been obsessed with HGTV have seen designers use them as shelves in kids’ rooms but I like how these go a bit further in the modification.

If coat hooks and lights mounted to the wall are too much commitment for you, grab one of their photo frames for a shelf or table. I think they add just a kick of fun to a room. My boys would think the coat rack is pretty rad. In fact, they may insist on a trip to the skate park for a photo session of their own just to beg me for one of those frames.

Should you live in the Bay Area, check out the Jack of All Trades Market. It happens the 2nd Saturday of the month at Jack London Square.

Have a great market near you? Do share! I love recommendations.

Curious about where to find these pieces from “a cool and funky art company” (No really, cool and funky. Its on their card. )? Contact me for details. Happy to share.




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