gleaming glass

People are like stained – glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

glass insulators

glass insulators

How I love gleaming glass.  Turquoise has been a favorite color of mine for years and years and when its in glass form…SQUEE!

A few glass insulators and a carnival glass set are about all I’ve managed to amass. Moving every couple of years helps keep collections to a minimum as well as trying only to purchase things that will get semi-regular use.

depression glass candy jar

While doing a bit of research on glass and its history, I have just discovered a place to add to my list of places to visit. The Corning Museum of Glass. I had no idea such a wonderful place existed and have to find a way to get there. A couple of friends have already piped up and said its worth a visit.  Lovers and collectors of glass, have you been here? I’m still amazed I have not heard of this gem. I would love to go there next time I’m out East and take in a glass history lesson in person. In the mean time, here are a few little glass facts I picked up.

Historical Glass Facts:

  • Glass was first created around 3000 BC during the Bronze Age
  • Egyptian glass beads date back to about 2500 BC
  • The machine for glass shaping that made jars and bottles received its patents August 2nd, 1904.

Recently while out in a couple of vintage shops in Walnut Creek I noticed the shops were carrying a lot of glass. Glass insulators, Ball Glass jars, milk glass, clear glass. It does rather make a fresh spring decoration. I happened to leave with a tiny glass terrarium for one of my sons who would like to make a teeny fairy garden.

tiny terrarium

One shop in particular was making great use of vintage finds to make wedding accessories. Table numbers for instance and adorable signs for different vignettes found at a wedding reception (dessert/candy bar, photo station, and more). Here was a cute use of vintage jewelry and old salt and pepper shakers. The transformation is spectacular.


If you would like to start collecting glass, the two shops I visited today would be a fun place to kick of your collection. Already collect something else that’s quite small? Visit vintage shops to find glass jars to contain your collections of tiny things.

Currently there do not appear to be any glass exhibitions in the San Francisco area. Thought I’m sure the Bay Area is teeming with local artisans. There are glass blowing and glass fusing workshops and classes to take part in. There are Youtube videos and lovely photos from the Corning Museum of Glass available online. I had hoped to find something more local.

I’m sure more gorgeous glass will appear in my local travels. This post has inspired me to study up more on carnival glass. Stay tuned if you’re into that. I’ll work on a future post.

Interested in sharing photos of your collection? Share your gleaming glass collection with us! I would be happy to feature a couple of collections. Are you an artist or shop keeper? Contact me!


*I am in no way (at this time) imbursed to promote any of the merchandise or shops in this post. Should that change I will always make it known. If you are interested in any of the products, contact me and I can let you know where they were found.

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