kitchen collections

Lately collections have interested me (is it obvious yet?! Stay tuned for more collections headed this way…).  Perhaps because a collection can be so personal and make a beautiful statement when displayed together in your home. Dear HGTV, can I have a job?! I’d like to talk to people that have cool collections on display.

DSCN1254I find kitchen tools and bakeware rather interesting. While I do not collect them myself, I love looking at them. A few weeks ago I met Ricky Nelson of Nelson Metal Art while visiting the Jack of All Trades Market in Oakland. Ricky collects things and makes them into something new. Here he has made wind chimes from old cans and cutlery.


The Industrial Farmhouse look is pretty significant in the Home Furnishings world these days. Those loving a mix of new and old can collect and repurpose old materials and goods into their new living spaces. I have seen a few cool ways this has been done. Some include industrial mixer components being transformed into rustic farmhouse style light fixtures in kitchens. Salvaged wood for a wall or island surround.  I have also seen an amazing collection of tools as decor in a pie shop up in Petaluma.

Kitchens are a great place to display collections weather bakeware, bowls, lunch boxes, clocks, spoons, or salt and pepper shakers. Do you have a kitchen collection? Is your collection on display? Do you use the items or only display them? Follow the link in the the word “collection” above to see some great collections on pinterest. If you aren’t a collector yet, perhaps you will be inspired to start one.

glass collection collage

Please share with us what you collect or have considered collecting. Are you quite specific for your collection or pretty laid back?

I love the idea of collecting functional kitchen items. If you need ideas of where to find items in the East Bay, contact magpieweekend here.


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