taken with textiles

Every time I wanted to give up, if I saw an interesting textile, print what ever, suddenly I would see a collection. ~Anna Sui

This week I planned on popping into a local consignment store. It was closed. Should I just head home? Hmm. Instead, I circled back around to an antique dealer I’d not visited in quite some time.

I wandered the shop, starting on the first floor. Winding my way through booths. Eventually, in a back corner of the upstairs area I found these great pillows and a cushion from tapestries. Having just gong on a textile binge via Pinterest, it made me laugh to come across these in the shop mere hours later. Tucked into a little corner was this matching pair of red pillows and a tiny navy one. (I had to add it to the other- it was lonely by itself…)

So, the red tapestries didn’t strike me as a “me” pattern at first, but like the quote from Anna Sui, certain textiles immediately lure your mind into a complete collection… or room design. My mind is still playing with wood, stone, and brass elements that could really pull together with these worldly textiles tossed in. Can’t you just imagine them piled on a rich hand scraped wood floor near a fireplace or on a mid century sofa? The long neutral cushion is just begging to be laid across an imported rustic bench with a deep seat, carved arms and a back to support more interesting textiles. These pillows seem like the conversation starter, so to speak, that lead to a good story. The textiles I stumbled upon have taken me to a well traveled room where rustic meets modern. It was not my original itinerary but I was happy to take the detour.

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