target run

I don’t hit up Target much these days but I needed some thing(s) I *knew* they would have & could grab it all in one stop. (yay!) While this blog generally won’t be about big box retailers, some things will be sprinkled in. I’m all about an eclectic mix.

So, bar carts are so big right now. They grow in popularity around the holidays while folks are entertaining, though these versatile pieces can be used in so many ways when not needed as a bar service. While I was in Target grabbing those random items I swung past the home section… because why not?! Several things caught my eye but this bar cart stood out to me. (kind of shiney and a bit retro!)

These can be incredibly fun to use as coffee carts, adding charm to a kitchen. Bonus! They are on wheels so you can move the coffee service to the patio or another room on a whim. Use them as a way to display a collection of glass, plants, or favorite items. Bar carts make cute end tables and nightstands, even petite mobile libraries. So many uses for crafters, guest rooms, and vacation homes. The possibilities are endless and one of the reasons I love these clever little carts. The one in the photo can be found at Target. I will keep an eye out on my upcoming travels to shops and markets to find others.

Do you have a bar cart? How to you use it

*Note: I am in no way being paid by Target for this post. I saw the cart and liked it. This is NOT a sponsored post. xo

Brassy bar cart from Target

Brassy bar cart from Target

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