starting the blog

I started this blog to give myself (more of) a reason to get out there and see what stores and shops are in and around the Bay Area. We have only lived here two years and there is so little I’ve discovered yet! I truly love seeing antiques, vintage, and architectural salvage. Textiles new and old. Things that glitter and shine as well as ones that are rusted out or chipping. My appreciation for old things started at a young age. All the furniture, accessories and random tools for living offer up inspiration and ideas. This blog gives me the opportunity to share my finds. Tell you what shops are carrying hidden treasures. Perhaps in some ways I can become a personal shopper for some.

My main focus here will be on resale, consignment, vintage & and antiques. Though new items that catch my eye may be sprinkled in. Often items today are a nod to the past in some way. I just love the character and charm older items emit. I’ll list where to shop, what to watch for and post photos.

This has always been an interest of mine. Even as a child I loved looking around at things in my grandparents’ and great-grandparents’ homes. I’d wander through booth after booth in antique shops, my eyes searching each piece of furniture and jewelry case looking for something that spoke to my heart or that I thought someone else may enjoy.

Why magpieweekend? If you have read about me on the site, you’ll already know my husband dubbed me a magpie ages ago. Seeing certain things just delights me. Magpieweekend gives me the opportunity to take some weekends to explore and do more of what I love. I hope you love what I find!


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